The Directors of NORML Tallahassee held the first music fundraiser “Party for Progress” July 2016 to support Sensible Florida’s initiative Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Sway Jah Vu and Your Captain Speaking headlined the event!!

NORML Tallahassee Chapters have made impacts in the fight for marijuana legalization since 1970.

We are creating an historical record of NORML Tallahassee Chapters, please provide your input if you were a member and years active.

NORML Tallahassee advocates for Marijuana Decriminalization and Legalization at the federal, state, local and international level.

Evidence-based analyses facts over fiction paints the true picture of legalization.

Melissa Villar, BS, MPA Executive Director

Melissa is lifetime supporter of cannabis. While studying marijuana reform at the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University provided the perfect opportunity to collaborate with NORML of Florida and Sensible Florida.

Melissa, officially “came out of the cannabis closet” and resigned as a staff member of the Florida House of Representatives in 2015, because of the troubling realization that personal marijuana users did not have proper representation at the state capitol or at the local level.

Melissa dubbed the term “Coming out of the Cannabis Closet” early on to stand in cultural and social unity and solidarity with groups fighting for civil rights and freedoms, and to be a voice for the cannabis community.

During the nascent marijuana industry in Florida local groups were apprehensive to allow NORML Tallahassee to set up as a vendor so we began hosting events. The organization thanks Tallahassee Pridefest and Florida Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith for the courage to accept and defend our position. And thank you to all of the local music venues and sponsors that have made our events possible. And thank you to all of our family and friends who we have passed the peace pipe to through the decades!

NORML Tallahassee

(Officers and Board Members not pictured below include Matthew Paramore, Lisa McCorkle, Philip Hiss, and Julian Wimbush)

Travis Deputy Director

Travis is a professional and talented musician, guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist for the band Sway Jah Vu. He is the owner and operator of New Green Organiks Nursery and North Florida Hemp Farms, and Director of Operations for The Holistic Cannabis Community. His skills and talent bring a perspective to the commercial and personal use industry that are invaluable and unparalleled to build the legalization market in Florida.

Alex Petrick Communications Director

Alex has inspired and encouraged consumers and retailers to enter the personal use market through his networking and distribution efforts. Alex is the CEO and founder of Florida Hemp Distribution and Welief.

Jillian Thomas Board Member

Jillian is a medical marijuana patient, advocate, and mother who has had to fight for her rights to consume marijuana for the health and wellness benefits.


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NORML Tallahassee P.O. Box 11254 Tallahassee, Florida 32302

(850) 354-8424

Music Fundraisers

Music fundraisers support efforts to bring the community together, educate the public, register voters, and legalize marijuana (higher THC cannabis strains) for personal users at the federal and state level.

Fundraisers place the spotlight on local artists, artisans, musicians, and cannabis businesses.

The promo music video is from the 2017 420 Smoke Out Festival. Aptly named to oppose the medical marijuana smoking ban lifted in 2019.

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